well, tis sad but the Tigger suit that she has worn for the last year is just getting too small and shops don’t sell sleepsuits for 6 year olds (well, okay, Asda doesn’t, i’m sure I could find them for ££££ if I hunted.)  So, with thanks to KwikSew for yet another excellent pattern (I do like KwikSew patterns!) here’s Aprilia’s winter sleepsuit

The bunny ears are my own addition to the pattern, I jokingly asked her if she wanted ears on the hood thinking she would say no, she is a “big girl” after all…. but alas, she got all excited about pink bunny ears 🙄

Being critical here (and I can be cos that’s how I remember not to make the same mistakes again)  I turned the hem on the hood before sewing it on and I shouldnt’ have done as it’s made a bulky/lumpy seam at the neck.  I think next time I would sew the heel of the footpad onto the back of the leg before sewing the legs up as it was an awkward seam to work once the legs were sewn.  On teh subject of the feet, I wouldn’t use so much JiffyGrip next time either, I’d patch it on the soles like a footprint to make a less chunky seam.


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    The only place I managed to find a big sleepsuit was on a market stall. It must have been somewhere else first, but I don’t know where.

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