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Okay, I suspect parchment craft is one of those things that means many things to many people but what I have is a kit with white “ink”, a dip nib pen, an embossing tool and a stabber. The idea is to trace round a design which you put under your parchment (but tracing paper will do!) then emboss it, perforate it here and there for effect and mount it on coloured card. You can get other colours of ink and special crayons (pastels) to use with it too.

I bought me the starter kit and her the children’s starter kit which doesn’t have the dip nib but does have some “special” felt pens for colouring the designs with. Actually, wish I’d not bothered with the kid’s kit, it’s not much more than a glorified colouring in kit but she likes it and it will give her a feel for the thing. I’ll get her a pen next time we are in the shop and work out some way of making the ink bottle less likely to tip over before we let her loose with it!
Here’s some rather good designs I intend to use to trace round

Pergamano have a stack of freebies on their site and here’s a lovely (if somewhat advanced looking) pattern
and there is a huge aray of links on this page (not rummages through them yet so no idea how good any of them are)

I can see this getting to be an all money consuming habit if I’m not really careful, I mean…. all those different coloured tintas and pastels to get, then there’s different colours of parchment/rainbow parchment…. and then I’d need a bigger craft box cos it’s already full of stamping and embossing things…..


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