First up we have 2 fish paste jars and half a milk jug wrapped in gold paper with parchment craft embellishments 😆 The milk jug is stuffed with fleece offcuts to keep the arrangement in place as otherwise it all fell about (obviously ROFL-ing at the container they were being dumped in 😉 )

The parchement craft images were taken from this site and were done on plain parchement and glued to green paper to make them stand out a bit more. The middle one I used oil pastel smudged with oil to make the “water” for the reflection.


Next up it’s berries, various bits of hedgerow and all 3 of the “ornamental squashes” we managed to grow in the garden this year! This is all decoratively arranged in a mushroom punnet stuffedwith face cloths (cos I’d run out of fleece scraps…) and no, I have no idea why I can’t get this to be anything other than centre aligned….

All the stuff for the arrangements was either from my garden or from the hedgerow along our main road so it’s all “nature’s harvest” rather than lining the pockets of the local florist shop.

The pink shears incidentally are mine, all mine….. smaller than Duke’s and suitably pink to deter accidental usage 😉




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