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footprint chart and rough directions for your delight and edification darling…..  (sorry, too little sleep last night to be sensible!)  If you click the pics it will take you to a bigger pic which should be clearer to work from when you print it off.  Ignore the numbers round the edges, they were my workings out and I only realised I hadn’t rubbed them out when I imported the pic here!

Right, I make it that to get something roughly 15″ wide (but perhaps a little longer than that – when I graphed out the original pattern it wasn’t square and my poor brain isn’t up to working the numbers to make it 🙄 )   you would cast on 76 sts in the yarn you said and using the needles it tells you to on the ball band.

Work 8 rows in moss stitch then 3 in stocking stitch with 8 sts of moss at either side.

On all the rest of the rows from now keep the 8 sts of moss at the edges, you start the pattern on a WRONG SIDE row (big letters to remind ME when I get round to it!) and row 1 pattern starts on the 21st stitch of that row (don’t follow the graphing for the sides and edgings, they aren’t included, just the footprint itself!)

you start the second foot on row 23 of the pattern by working the pattern sts for the 1st foot, 18 sts in purl then start the bottom of the second foot (again, I cannot fit it all on one bit cos the paper is too small!)

Toes…. the 4 small toes on each foot are a “bobble” (not minibobble) and you do them exactly as in the original pattern.  I struggled with the big toe and finally decided that the best way was for you to do a cluster of 4 minibobbles (2 on the first row then 2 imediately above on the next row) to make a big lumpy bit as my experiments at making a “megabobble” bigger than a normal one looked shabby!

Once you have finishe the second foot work 3 rows stocking stitch then 8 rows moss and cast off.

Really hope this works right, I’m pretty certain that unless your tension is WAY different to what it should be then it will work, if you are significantly tighter on a gauge square than the stated 18×24 over 4″ then I’d use bigger needles, it will give a softer fabric to the finished article.


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