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to say I’m still alive and knitting!  Will have braodband at home by 20th December hopefully and cn’t access my main blog on the library PCs due to the password pop up (their pop up blocker is a little over efficient and won’t let my password box pop up 😦  )

 So, for the benefit of those who usually read my personal blog here’s t he latest news….

Aprilia has 2 adult molars and 2 more mid way through erupting!  yes, she’s only 5 and yes I’m sure they are adult teeth, the dentist said so (then filled up the fissure with some gunk so they don’t rot from the inside… should make cleaning htem easier aparently)  I’ll need to take her back once the other 2 are fully through to have them sealed as well and she’s meant to “graduate” to adult toothpaste but as  I can’t find any strawberry flavoured adult stuff 🙄 we are going for extra brushings instead to boost up the floride.  Now, no debates on the pros and cons of flouride please…. Duke’s family all have rotten teeth so I’m taking no chances!

We are “off the path” this weekend which we are all looking forward to imensely.

VArious bits of stuff going on with organising my next OU course, bit of angst going on and a bit of re-adjusting my thinking going on due to the results of a primary assessment of my reading issues.  I need a full assessment but can’t hvae it paid for til I start the course  (end of Jan) but teh lady I spoke to seemed to think it was a foregone conclusion and has added it to my file that tutors need to be aware that I “probably have a degree of dyslexia”  Probably the only “dsegree” I’ll get really….. Not going to thrash out the angst here but suffice to say I’m having to get my head around not just being “ditzy” clumsy and a bit dim but actually having a label that covers the whole show.

 Anyway, hour’s PC time at the library galloping on and still got lots I need to do so will cut and run.

missing y’all!


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