can’t even access the control panel of my “real” blog’s host.  So that’s it, 1 whole year of blogging plus various pages gone.  Have sent a request to support but somehow I’m just not holding my breath.  Any suggestions of how to hack in when the system won’t even recognise my username (which I have checked against the original mail sent to me when I joined) would be welcome.  Failing that any suggestions on how to add a second blog to this one would be a start as I don’t feel like joining yet another blogging thing and I know that my HSB blog would be boycotted so not a lot of point using that one now is there….



  1. Posted 20 December , 2006 at 10:37 pm | Permalink

    you could export your hsb to homeschooljournal – Andrea who runs it is very lovely and very supportive and has assisted many ppl to exit hsb 🙂

    You can’t put a blogring box on wordpress, so don’t do that please!

  2. Posted 20 December , 2006 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

    arg but I just don’t want to be ****ing about joining up with yet another blog host (and yet I fear tis the only way…) Will look into it though Jax, thanks.

    And I’d forgot I couldn’t put the ring code in here, just spent half an hour faffing round to see if I could beat the system as I did manage to put a Breast Cancer awareness one in my text box but it just strips out the first line of your code…. swear, swear, mutter, mumble….. off to take solace in a Flake….

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