We have net at home again but still my life is incomplete…..

Duke has net access at his desk

Aprilia has net access at her desk (and spent an hour enjoying her websites last night when she should have been geting ready for bed…)

Alas I have a poorly sick PC.  No sound, no functioning network card through which to access the Net and regular visits of the “blue screen of death”.  Looks like that new board Duke installed the other week wasn’t such a good idea after all then (waaah)

And to cap it all, I’ve tried to access my blog this morning vie Duke’s PC and can’t.  Password not accepted (and I know I’ve got it right) so I now need to try to remember how to access my host site and see if I can see why (yeh right….) or at least see if I can access all the stuff in there to back it up (which I should have done after last time I had a problem accessing it) then switch to yet another host 🙄


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  1. Kirsty
    Posted 20 December , 2006 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    ooh e-mail me then!! If you can! kirstykbart @ hotmail .com (no spaces obviously!)

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