T-bird Anni rides again….

well, I think we can safely wave goodbye to the old thoroughly passworded blog and put it down to experience….. Next time I will bl**dy well learn to back stuff up if it’s important won’t i!

I looked at HSJ but alas they don’t seem to be taking on new peeps just now (but I loved some of their themes… wonder if I can get it for Blogsome!) So I’m back with Blogsome for my personal blog (this one will revert to being crafty!) and I’m hoping it’s ironed out the little hitches that used to be there…

Those of you who knew my old passwords will be able to access anything sensitive, those of you who don’t or have forgotten ASK!  If I know you I’ll let you in on the secret 😉


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  1. Kirsty
    Posted 22 December , 2006 at 12:37 am | Permalink

    send me the passwords please!

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