flip back gloves


These are from a pattern off teh web (I’ll link if I remember where) however, the instruction layout was awful, half the instructions were in little “macros” at teh beginning rather than where they belonged which I found incredibly difficult to cope with but with much cutting and pasting I sorted it out and off we went.

I did them on 2 circs rather than 4 double points and have to say it does make life easier.ย  I did take some pics to show how but unfortunately didn’t quite realise that circular needles with pink cables really don’t show up well on a pink sofa so you still can’t see what I was doing!!!ย  Doh!

They were originally MIL’s Christmas pressie but a total lack of effort meant taht they only got finished today ๐Ÿ™„ so they will do nicely for her birthday next week instead!



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    Oh, don’t I know that present scenario!

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    I like them ๐Ÿ™‚ The baby hat is adorable – I’d love to oblige, but dh isn’t so keen on adding to the present 4, especially a little girl (think of the adorable frilly cardis and dresses :D) but keep being told that that is not a reason to be having another baby. Ted just doesn’t look quite right in a frilly hat (although it could make for some amusing photos to show his friends when he’s around 16 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the sleeve tips – I think I will have a bash at a few of the suggestions and am def. planning a yoked sweater (from the sweater book).

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    ROFL Jax! Actually it may have helped if I had decided a bit more than 3 weeks before Christmas that this was what I wanted to do!!! Sigh, one year I WILL be organised!

    Dottyspots – I agree, girls are good for unleashing your creative side – I don’t think Aprilia ever needed to wear the same cardi twice until she was about 2 as so many knitters in the family/friends jumped at the chance to do pretty little things for her!

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