can’t be bothered to sort these properly just now so here’s a link dump!

Tux the Linux penguin “open source” sewing pattern (well I suppose it was inevitable really…)

buy and download sewing patterns from sevearl well known pattern suppliers

simple raggy doll pattern

shedloads of sewing links

Martha Stewart – way too much stuff to look at in 1 go!

Girlie aprons (cos it’s easier to wash a pinnie than all her clothes after we bake!)

So many links, so little time!

 Simplicity Patterns freebies

How to make patterns that FIT!  I use the skirt pattern guidelines I got from here a lot, it’s very simple to set up and get a good fit from (asuming you measure right!!)

puppet patterns

Sewing About’s link list

that’s all for now, off visiting fellow crafting nut for the afternoon in order to further her adiction areas to include sewing as well as yarn crafts…….


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  1. me!
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    cheap cheerful fabrics too!

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