crochet induced paralysis…

I am in agony.  My left arm cannot be raised above a few inches from my side.  I am taking short sharp breaths to avoid  undue movement of the ribcage.  All this because I lost track of time yesterday evening and crocheted for FAR TOO LONG without stopping and moving about, I’ve spasmed all the muscles down the left side of my back and am no reduced to hobbling about slowly and carefully with the belt I bought to keep my pelvis together in pregnancy wrapped tightly under my boobs so taht I can actually move from seated to upright.  This does not bode well for me finished Aprilia’s shawl any time soon.



  1. Posted 29 April , 2007 at 12:15 am | Permalink

    Oooooh, you have SPD? So very, very painful – I’ve had it in all four pregnancies, no.2. being the worst (spent over 8 weeks in hospital unable to stand up on constant painkillers).

    If you’re really struggling see about getting some crutches.

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    Hi Nikki, I did have SPD when I carried Aprilia and it still flares up occaisionally just before a period but it’s usually managable (with that most sexy of belts!) This CIP though is something else – not helped by then digging over the garden and sending the whole left side dancing a vicious jig in protest! I’m better now though (and NEVER going to slump with my crochet into the corner of the sofa again!!)

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