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I’m doing that link dump thing again!

About watercolour painting – links’r’us, will need a few years to work though I suspect!

Video of water colour artist in action – using a hairdryer to speed things up…. why did I not think of that!

how to paint reflections in water – I *need* to be able to do this for a painting I hvae in my head of a wonderful sunset over water that I saw filmed on some travelogue type TV prog ages ago!

painting from dark to light – intriguing, wonder how on earth you do that with translucent paints then!

Water colour on-line tutorials

About childparent art links – I do love the “About” pages, htey seem to ahve one for everything!  This looks to have a lot of child friendly art tutes linked.

 Children’s art links page – on someone’s blog, now there’s a shock!

Freemania – links to all sorts of free tutes etc

Now all I need is a few extra hours a day to work through some of these!  I have found that I can get 24 sheet watercolour pads from The Works for £1:50 though so I feel less “protective” of my precious supply!


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