Brace yourselves…

I’ve started the drawing book.  I’m aiming to doa  bit every day and to muse (or twitter – take your pick) about what I read/what I did.  So today – “pre-instruction drawings”

The idea is to draw something as a benchmark so you can look back and see progress but also so you can see what you can already do.  First there’s a self portrait, I drew something recognisably human wearing glasses but I’m not sure who it was!  Definitely wasn’t me but hey ho, recognisable is a damned good starting point.   Then you draw your hand, I think I did okay on that, again it was recognisable as a hand although the fingers were a bit odd.  Then a person from memory which was awful, no idea who it was meant to be at all!!!  Not even sure it was human!  Aparently that’s because we don’t remember in that much fine detail.  Finally you draw the corner of a room.  The only corner that I could see in the room I was in was by the door so I drew the doorway complete with door open towards me.  This was the easiest one, it’s all straight lines and a few shadows so no real terror or traumas and it was definitely a good likeness (right down to the awful wallpaper on the landing 😆  )

So all in all a good start, a bit of confidence is in danger of creeping in which is a novelty.  I may start scanning in and posting up the pics once I get my new scanner next week.   May even have to pay for a proper Flickr account so I can hvae more than  what ever the rationed number of pictures is – actually I need to do that anyway as I can’t see all the baby pics any more and I miss them!


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