faces or vase?

today’s task was to draw complete a half drawn picture of two profile faces that leave a gap that looks like a vase in the middle (know hte one I mean?)  The idea was to trace over the already drawn side a few times then do the mirror.  Whilst tracing and drawing you were supposed to name all the parts of the face.  This was to show you how the left – wordy – side of the brain trips you up when you are trying to do right – arty -sided tasks.  Naturally enough though, being Dyxie my left brain stumped off in a corner and sulked refusing to provide name labels for any of the bits I was drawing.  Aparently this is good, this means I am able to lt my arty right side get on wtih drawing without the left side poking it’s nose in.

Aprilia also drew today and did a lovely scene with a rainbow, sun and rain.  Wondering if I should do the pushy parent bit and let her enter it for The Works art comp.


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