Monthly Archives: October 2007

knitting pattern link page

Just got pointed to these and thought I’d blog them before I lost them! Whole page of already sorted into catagories links at KnittingHelp cute looking “plaited” effect bob hat (uses cables) also on Knitting Help adult size bob hat with cabled brim from Knitty Earflap style hat (Peruvian style is it?) on knit list […]

Negative Space drawings

having abandoned the thing I’m mean to draw next for lack of a decent subject (leaves, there’s a distinct lack of them round here….) I moved on to first a copy of a photo of a chair then the real thing. The one from the photo is a “negative space” drawing, so you sort of […]

more on edges and perspective

the next few drawing tasks have been a challenge, mainly as the intended subjects weren’t available!  First was to be a flower with a few leaves etc which, being autumn, are in short supply in my back yard (so I resorted to a plastic one which looked as unspeakably awful in real life as it […]

hand and scissors

following on from yesterday’s task, today it was draw your hand but with something in it. I wasn’t as happy with this hand as yesterday’s but can’t quite pin down why. I still think its way better than anything I’ve done before so whatever isn’t “right” can just stay like that.  Actually, looking at it, […]

Foreshortened hand

having had quite a break from the drawing with study taking up a lot of time, I’ve got back to it all today. So, today’s task? First balance your clear plastic view finder on your up-turned hand, close one eye, keep dead still and draw on round the image on your viewfinder using a dry […]