Baby Bunting Blow by Blow

aprox 5x100g balls UK DK yarn (I used James C Brett Top Value – £1:50 per 100g) or US Worsted Weight (gauge = 5sts per inch)

4mm longish circular needle plus two 4mm dpns for I-cord

markers or waste yarn to mark stitches

Cute buttons and a zip to match yarn colour.


I used a provisional cast on to keep it nice and stretchy at the top and to make picking up for the neck and sewing the arm seams neater. You don’t need to if you don’t like.

There’s not a lot of stitch counts given as I forgot to note them down, I worked visually without counts for most of it and it worked fine.

Cast on 160 stitches. With coil-less safety pins, mark 36th and 125th stitches (which is 36 sts from the other end if you don’t want to count that many!)

K34, slip 1, k2 tog, psso, K86, slip 1. k2 tog, psso, k34.

Next (and all even numbered rows) knit

K33, s1, k2tog, psso, k 84 , s1, k2tog, psso, k33

Continue decreasing at the markers like this until you about 90 sts (it may not be exact, but lets say between 87 and 93 should we? I’ve departed from the original pattern I was working from by this point!)

Work 3 rows without shaping but be sure to carry your markers over each row, you still need them.

Work 1 increase at either side of both markers on alternate rows until you have around 114 stitches (again, it probably won’t be exact!) then increase 10 stitches evenly across your centre section to give a little fullness around the middle of the bodice.

Shape neck – Carry on with the shaping until you have around 152 sts, cast off (or knit onto spare needles if you want to save teh stitches for making pickingup for the collar easier) 5 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows

At about 158 stitches, slide the outer sections onto waste yarn, you won’t need them for a while now, and increase 1 stitch every 4 across the middle section. Continue working with just the middle stitches, increasing 1 st every 5 (then 6, 7, 8..) sts on every 10 rows until it looks nice and wide – I went up to nearly 300 sts which was too many really but hey ho! Continue working striaght until work is about 30″ long then decrease 1 st every ?? sts (?? is going to be different for everyone, basically, if your last increase was every 8th st then start by decreaasing every 8th, then every 7th on the next one etc) every 4th row.

Once you are down to around 40 sts, you are pretty much done. If you don’t like Kitchener stitch then cast off all except the centre 6 sts., if you do weaving/Kitchener etc then weave all bar the centre 6. Keep those 6 on a holder.

Button Bands – With the first of the centre sts on your needle, knit up one of the fronts of your piece, collecting the sts at the front of the bodice which you left behind earlier. Work back and forth on these sts, collecting one of the centre sts and knitting it toghether with the st next to it at the beginning of each row starting at the bottom. (Note – if possible, keep a waste thread through those 6 sts as you want to pick up through them again for the second band) Work until 5 sts are used (5 ridges, 10 row), cast off on your way back down towards that 6th st, joining it in on your last cast off st.

Repeat for the other side of the button band, working into your 6 marked stitches (which I usually slip onto a needle to make them easier to find) This side will sit on top of the one you have finished and so needs the buttonholes placing in it. I worked a Yfwd, k2tog starting at the neck edge of the 5th row roughly every 5 sts but only for the bodice part – the skirt part is zipped.

(Afterthought – if you don’t like messing with bringing those 6 sts back into the work you can cast them off and justpick up and knit the band then sew the bottom edge down at the bottom once you are done, less fiddle but not qutie as neat)

Finishing – Close the shoulder and arm seams either by sewing or weaving if you prefer. Wrok I-cord round the cuffs (gives a nice finish) Work I-cord round the neck. Sew buttons onto bodice. Sew a long zip into the button band along the skirt.



  1. Posted 31 December , 2007 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    I like this! Is it based on the baby surprise jacket? I sooo want to get my hands on that pattern.

    Oh – and my Ravelry id is KrisWW. 🙂

  2. lizziek8
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  3. Posted 31 December , 2007 at 6:02 pm | Permalink

    Kris, yes, it’s based on the BSJ but what with me being incapable of following a pattern it strayed!

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