top down hoodie

top down hooded cardi

This was a bit of a challenge as I didn’t have a pattern that fitted what I wanted so it really was a “from scratch” arrangement.  It’s worked from the neck down, I cast on “provisionally” so I wouldn’t have a tight cast on at an area you want a bit of give, increasing for the “raglan” every other row until it was deep enough (gee, how un-specific can you get!) then I made an extra 10 sts for give under the arms and carried on downwards just on the body sts, leving the sleeve sts on waste yarn.  I put a bit of shape into the sleeves by decreasing 2 every couple of rows at the underside (I did them in the round to save me sewing up later so the decs served as a “fake seam” too)  Once that was done I retrieved the sts from the provisional cast on and increased round a few times to bag the hood out a bit.  Did a sort of “Dutch heel” affair for the top to make it a bit more head shaped rather than the standard rectangle folded in half so you get a “pixie point” which would just look silly!  I was pressured to fit a zip rather than buttons so I did and quite frankly I don’t like it!  But it’s not mine so it’s not my preferences that matter.


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