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Peasant dress/top – part 1 (pics will come later)

well, Jax, just for you, here’s the saga so far!  No pics yet, we are short of a camera at the moment and the one on my phone is a bit rubbish. The first think I have to say is that when printing patterns, espeically patterns from the US, where paper sizes are different, be […]

top down hoodie

This was a bit of a challenge as I didn’t have a pattern that fitted what I wanted so it really was a “from scratch” arrangement.  It’s worked from the neck down, I cast on “provisionally” so I wouldn’t have a tight cast on at an area you want a bit of give, increasing for […]

crochet cardis!

as if my to do list isn’t long enugh already, I thought I’d find a crochet cardi link for a friend and got way too carried away!  So, erm, Jax, here’s a few cardigans etc, maybe there’s something Big would aprove of you wearing 😉 and if I ever find enough hours in the day […]

Baby Bunting Blow by Blow

aprox 5x100g balls UK DK yarn (I used James C Brett Top Value – £1:50 per 100g) or US Worsted Weight (gauge = 5sts per inch) 4mm longish circular needle plus two 4mm dpns for I-cord markers or waste yarn to mark stitches Cute buttons and a zip to match yarn colour. Notes I used […]

Crochet pattern links

a huge number of pattern links, including a cute little teddy with several outfits.  One day I *will* have time to do all these links I keep posting……

Mummsie’s mystery Knit-a-long

Well, we are up to day 3 of this KAL. It’s worsted weight (DK for us Brits!) worked on 6mm needles which gives a soft drape as the needles are too big really for the yarn. Day 1 was cast on and work 4 rows in moss stitch. I assumed we were doing a scarf….. […]

knitting pattern link page

Just got pointed to these and thought I’d blog them before I lost them! Whole page of already sorted into catagories links at KnittingHelp cute looking “plaited” effect bob hat (uses cables) also on Knitting Help adult size bob hat with cabled brim from Knitty Earflap style hat (Peruvian style is it?) on knit list […]

Negative Space drawings

having abandoned the thing I’m mean to draw next for lack of a decent subject (leaves, there’s a distinct lack of them round here….) I moved on to first a copy of a photo of a chair then the real thing. The one from the photo is a “negative space” drawing, so you sort of […]

more on edges and perspective

the next few drawing tasks have been a challenge, mainly as the intended subjects weren’t available!  First was to be a flower with a few leaves etc which, being autumn, are in short supply in my back yard (so I resorted to a plastic one which looked as unspeakably awful in real life as it […]

hand and scissors

following on from yesterday’s task, today it was draw your hand but with something in it. I wasn’t as happy with this hand as yesterday’s but can’t quite pin down why. I still think its way better than anything I’ve done before so whatever isn’t “right” can just stay like that.  Actually, looking at it, […]