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crochet cardis!

as if my to do list isn’t long enugh already, I thought I’d find a crochet cardi link for a friend and got way too carried away!  So, erm, Jax, here’s a few cardigans etc, maybe there’s something Big would aprove of you wearing 😉 and if I ever find enough hours in the day […]

Crochet pattern links

a huge number of pattern links, including a cute little teddy with several outfits.  One day I *will* have time to do all these links I keep posting……

knitting pattern link page

Just got pointed to these and thought I’d blog them before I lost them! Whole page of already sorted into catagories links at KnittingHelp cute looking “plaited” effect bob hat (uses cables) also on Knitting Help adult size bob hat with cabled brim from Knitty Earflap style hat (Peruvian style is it?) on knit list […]

How cute does it get?

knitted “jeans” for toddlers – I *need* to do a pair of these!!!

sock links

this is roughly half the crochet sock patterns I’ve un-earthed. The first half I managed to print out but now my printer is out of ink and it’s 2 weeks until the computer fair where I can get £3 per cartridge ink as opposed to £10 per cartridge in the shops….. I can wait! V […]

useful looking knit site Need a day or two to trawl this one!

Very, very small hats

There was a request for some hats or bonnets small enough to fit a golf ball sized head.  Someone found a pretty nice crochet pattern but there wasn’t a knitting pattern available.  Well, it didn’t take long to crochet a hat up and work out a knitting pattern from it! Using 4 ply baby yarn […]

just by way of a change….

a post about knitting! Just found this and really, really need to save adn print the whole lot (then do a swatch of each pattern so I know what I’m doing with them all)   Just think how many different cardigans Aprilia could have if I worked through taht lot….. giggle…. like I need any […]

yet more

things I think may end up on the wannado list… maiden’s glory which would make a great dressing up circlet for dd and some cute pot holders taht would do nicely for MIL and mum

another project on the wannado list

a rather stunning choker that would make a great chirstmas pressie for my “goth” niece.  Need to get some black crochet cotton tehn…