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Tunisian Crochet Tiny Angel Gown

For a 1-2 lb preemie using 4 ply yarn in white and a small amount of a contrast colour (that’s UK 4 ply)  3mm crochet hook (larger if your stitches are not soft and drapey) and a Tunisian hook size 8mm (I think, it’s not marked up but that’s what it feels closest to compared […]

the hunt for the “ultimate” preemie nappy wrap…

is still on.  I thought I’d sussed it but now it’s done I’m just not convinced.  Next attempt will be fractionally narrower in the middle which will make it therefore have more defined “wings” at the back.  And I’ll do something different with the rib, not sure what, but something!  

Very, very small hats

There was a request for some hats or bonnets small enough to fit a golf ball sized head.  Someone found a pretty nice crochet pattern but there wasn’t a knitting pattern available.  Well, it didn’t take long to crochet a hat up and work out a knitting pattern from it! Using 4 ply baby yarn […]

newborn-ish set

Pattern notes to follow but wanted to put the pics up in the meantime Multisized bonnet – unfold hte brim and thred the lace through forther down at the neck to make it a good inch bigger all round.  Basically I wsn’t sure on the right size so erred on teh side of caution, made […]

micro-preemie set (gown and bonnet)

This set was based (loosely) on the Princess Preemie Layette but, as usual for me, very much altered to suit! All pics in this post are clickable to access bigger images. yarn – a good quality baby 4 ply white ( a little less than a 50g ball) plus a contrast colour (only a little […]

easy-on preemie bootees

     These bootees are  made to open  pretty much all the way out making them easy to place onto tiny feet and  lace up. Instructions are for very tiny feet,  add in more  chains for a longer foot size and an extra round for full term baby feet which are much chubbier. Base Chain 8, […]