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top down hoodie

This was a bit of a challenge as I didn’t have a pattern that fitted what I wanted so it really was a “from scratch” arrangement.  It’s worked from the neck down, I cast on “provisionally” so I wouldn’t have a tight cast on at an area you want a bit of give, increasing for […]

Winter coat

I was aiming for but in scarlet wool (like those expensive, very smart ones well off little girls used to wear to walk in the park with Nanny!) However, I missed and got this instead which on reflection, I like much better! I hated it whilst I was making it, was qutie certain it was […]


well, tis sad but the Tigger suit that she has worn for the last year is just getting too small and shops don’t sell sleepsuits for 6 year olds (well, okay, Asda doesn’t, i’m sure I could find them for ££££ if I hunted.)  So, with thanks to KwikSew for yet another excellent pattern (I […]