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Negative Space drawings

having abandoned the thing I’m mean to draw next for lack of a decent subject (leaves, there’s a distinct lack of them round here….) I moved on to first a copy of a photo of a chair then the real thing. The one from the photo is a “negative space” drawing, so you sort of […]

more on edges and perspective

the next few drawing tasks have been a challenge, mainly as the intended subjects weren’t available!  First was to be a flower with a few leaves etc which, being autumn, are in short supply in my back yard (so I resorted to a plastic one which looked as unspeakably awful in real life as it […]

hand and scissors

following on from yesterday’s task, today it was draw your hand but with something in it. I wasn’t as happy with this hand as yesterday’s but can’t quite pin down why. I still think its way better than anything I’ve done before so whatever isn’t “right” can just stay like that.  Actually, looking at it, […]

Foreshortened hand

having had quite a break from the drawing with study taking up a lot of time, I’ve got back to it all today. So, today’s task? First balance your clear plastic view finder on your up-turned hand, close one eye, keep dead still and draw on round the image on your viewfinder using a dry […]

faces or vase?

today’s task was to draw complete a half drawn picture of two profile faces that leave a gap that looks like a vase in the middle (know hte one I mean?)  The idea was to trace over the already drawn side a few times then do the mirror.  Whilst tracing and drawing you were supposed […]

Brace yourselves…

I’ve started the drawing book.  I’m aiming to doa  bit every day and to muse (or twitter – take your pick) about what I read/what I did.  So today – “pre-instruction drawings” The idea is to draw something as a benchmark so you can look back and see progress but also so you can see […]