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knitting how to videos

I’ve been directed to this site to see how to do a better finish off for my socks so that the toe is smoother.  It’s called “kitchener stitch” and is one of those “must lern it some time cos it’s supposed to be good” things that I tend to not get round to!  The instructions […]

watercolour links

I’m doing that link dump thing again! About watercolour painting – links’r’us, will need a few years to work though I suspect! Video of water colour artist in action – using a hairdryer to speed things up…. why did I not think of that! how to paint reflections in water – I *need* to be […]

Yummy new yarns!

to go with all those sock and mitt patterns…. Top row are “rio” yarns and have a small wool content so are a bit warmer but a little bit prickly until worn in.  The rest are all synthetics and reasonably smooth.  The colours aren’t quite right on this pic but I can’t be bothered wrestling […]

easy looking sewing projects

I thought these may well do well in fleece for a little project for Aprilia.  I am thinking that I can easily mark on where to put the needle through the fabric in washable pen so taht she could sew them up and make herself some cutesy toys there’s a lambkin which can be either […]

just by way of a change….

a post about knitting! Just found this and really, really need to save adn print the whole lot (then do a swatch of each pattern so I know what I’m doing with them all)   Just think how many different cardigans Aprilia could have if I worked through taht lot….. giggle…. like I need any […]

not what I was looking for but cute non the less

animal finger puppets from Chester Zoo

yet more

things I think may end up on the wannado list… maiden’s glory which would make a great dressing up circlet for dd and some cute pot holders taht would do nicely for MIL and mum

another project on the wannado list

a rather stunning choker that would make a great chirstmas pressie for my “goth” niece.  Need to get some black crochet cotton tehn…