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Peasant dress/top – part 1 (pics will come later)

well, Jax, just for you, here’s the saga so far!  No pics yet, we are short of a camera at the moment and the one on my phone is a bit rubbish. The first think I have to say is that when printing patterns, espeically patterns from the US, where paper sizes are different, be […]

still here!

doing a bit of knitting , vent bonnets at the moment, and a bit of doodling but not as much as I could be doing.  Hoping to get back to the daily doodle over the next week or so but needing more sleep than normal which is eating up my doodle time!

free pattern drafting software (sewing)

I’m just downloading this, no idea if it will work under Linux but I shall see and hey, it’s no huge loss if not as it’s free!

Mary Mary Quite contrary…

how does your garden grow adn all that. Well, here’s how mine is growing just now. As you walk onto the patio you can see the strawberries which are getting nicely leafy but not doing much else yet. They are jumbo ones when they start fruiting though. Behind that there is the dandelion bed, perfect […]

have you seen Madeleine?

Madeleine McCann went missing from her hotel room in Portugal on 3rd May. It is believed she may have been abducted in order to be trafficked for adoption or abuse. Please publicise this photo on your blog or flickr accounts in the hope that someone may recognise her. She has a distinctive right eye flash […]

somebody stop me! fingerless glove patterns this time

I have 1 pair of fingerless mits (flip back type things) which were great when i made them a couple of years ago but alas time and getting snagged on velcro pocket closures have taken their toll and they are now past their sell by date!  So I need a few patterns to try out […]

crochet induced paralysis…

I am in agony.  My left arm cannot be raised above a few inches from my side.  I am taking short sharp breaths to avoid  undue movement of the ribcage.  All this because I lost track of time yesterday evening and crocheted for FAR TOO LONG without stopping and moving about, I’ve spasmed all the […]

can’t be bothered to sort these properly just now so here’s a link dump!

Tux the Linux penguin “open source” sewing pattern (well I suppose it was inevitable really…) buy and download sewing patterns from sevearl well known pattern suppliers simple raggy doll pattern shedloads of sewing links Martha Stewart – way too much stuff to look at in 1 go! Girlie aprons (cos it’s easier to wash a […]

an aside…

some time ago I abandoned Blogsome as it got horribly unreliable, hours of down time and so on. I went back after over a year’s break as my other blog died. I was assured by loyal users taht it was better now, that I would have no troubles, which is why when I tried to […]

testing testing one two three!

Okay, I’ve just installed a package on my PC that should mean I can blog without actually visiting the site. It’s a bit basic but I suppose it could come handy as it will spellcheck as I go along (always useful I find!)