Works in progress and in the queue

this is going to be a “rolling list” to shame me, no, I mean remind me, about what needs doing

For Aprilia

trousers from grey chord I bought months ago

couple of cardis – update – she says she no longer likes cardis, thinking maybe a shrug or two instead

another pinafore using up some more of my fabric stash

dressing up outfit or two

For me

finish off shrug – cough, it’s been languishing (and even been worn) half finished for nearly 2 years.

New undies – urgent, the old ones are well past their “sell by date” and i can’t bear sho bought ones, hate elastic at the legs! Plenty of suitable fabric in the stash (no, not even I crochet my undies!!) but just no verve to get on with them!

Hat – cos I don’t have one and I want one!!

Better flip back mits – cos my wool ones shrunk just that little bit too much

Big slouchy crochet poncho/pullover, maybe with a hood?

Something pretty, maybe a dress or long skirt


finish of bog coat – still waiting for belt/fasteners and dye


crochet teddy bear blanket I have on file (no link, it’s a pattern I’ve been given)

Hats and vent bonnets

this rather lovely sweater – may try to “cardigan-ify” it for use on the wards – never liked pull overs when Aprilia was small!

For gifts

Need something for Christmas (and birthdays) for

Kay (SIL) – bag (fancy the one that Jax at Making it up is doing but not sure I have time or temprement for something like that to give to someone i don’t have that much time for) Hmm,maybe a wallet-sized one?

Peter (Kay’s hubby) and Chris (BIL) – actully, Duke can deal with that, better not be £££ though…

Em – I dunno, what do you make for a 10 year old?? Make up bag with washable wipes maybe?

Ceri – ?sleepsuit?

MIL – wondering about a bedjacket type thing

Mum – flipback mits? and maybe a shrug/shawl?

Dad – flip backs again? well, actually he usually gets food for Christmas so that’s easy, I’ll swap round, he can have food for his birthday (July) and mits at Chrimbo

Duke – nah, he’s got more woolies than any 1 man could need, still not worked his way through the oens he had when I met him over 10 years ago


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